RULE # 1:  If you want free shipping every Friday you must click the add to cart option below that says: "I WANT FREE SHIPPING FRIDAY AND I AGREE TO ALL 4 RULES". This option will cost you $0.01 (one penny). After adding this option to your shopping cart you can go ahead and add other items to the same shopping cart. If the free shipping option below is not in the same shopping cart with your items you will not get free shipping. 


RULE # 2: THERE WILL BE A SHIPPING DELAY OF 10 BUSINESS DAYS. Please look at a calendar and count forward 10 business days from today's date to see when your order will ship out. If you do not have access to a calendar please click HERE. If you can not wait 10 business days for your order to ship out please pay for regular shipping, or, close this page and leave our website. DO NOT email us in a few days asking for a shipping status. DO NOT email us in exactly 10 business asking if your order has shipped out. These time-wasting emails will not be answered because we have already answered them on this page.


RULE # 3: "FREE SHIPPING FRIDAY" is only available on FRIDAY of each week (within eastern standard time). If you are not sure what time/day it is on the east coast click HERE. Do not order from this page between 12:00 a.m. Saturday morning through 11:59 p.m.Thursday night. This page is for FRIDAY only. If you are in a different time zone you must plan accordingly.

RULE # 4: We will not make ANY changes to your order after payment. This includes changing the shipping address or changing items/quantities/colors/etc. If you use an outdated or wrong shipping address there is nothing we can do. If you order 50 sheets of red but meant to order 10 sheets of yellow you will receive 50 sheets of red. You must make sure your order is exactly how you want it BEFORE payment.
We get it, customers should not have to follow silly "rules" or "jump through hoops" to order vinyl, but, nobody is forcing you to be our customer. We have these "rules" and "hoops" in place to weed out people who can't follow simple directions. With that said we have zero control over your decision to read, or not to read everything on this page. If you place an order from this page with the free shipping option we will assume that you took the time to read and agree to everything within this page. We appreciate every single order but we have never been hurting for business. Craftvinyl.com has been open longer than any other vinyl supplier on the internet, ask anybody. We will be the first to admit that this page may seem "unprofessional", but, we have earned the right to run OUR business how WE want, period. We are not here to give belly rubs, we are here to offer you rock-bottom prices. If you need to feel all warm and fuzzy when ordering vinyl please overpay through one of our "competitors". 


We strongly suggest that you print off a copy of this entire page and keep the printed copy for your personal records.