Craftvinyl.com incorporated is THE oldest sheet seller of vinyl on the internet, ask anybody.

We opened in 2006 out of a spare bedroom. Since then we have grown to a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse.

Our website has looked the same since day one, our website looks old and outdated but we currently ship 2,500 orders every week and we bring in over 3 million dollars worth of sales every year.

We have several 24/7 live feed cameras so customers can look inside of our building 24 hours a day, go here to watch: www.Craftvinyl.com/page20 

Our family always comes first, then our employees, then our customers, in that order.


Nick Stafford - C.E.O - Nick@Craftvinyl.com

(refuses to own a cell phone)



Tyler Stafford - the future C.E.O - Tyler@Craftvinyl.com



Kimberly - Kim@Craftvinyl.com



Amber Lynn - AmberLynn@Craftvinyl.com



Ashley - Ashley@Craftvinyl.com



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